Pool Side EME

My EME antennas are a pair of homebrew 13el G0KSC LFA yagis. They are rear mounted to TV antenna rotators so that the polarization can be rotated.

Polarization shifts due to Faraday Rotation can cause up to 20dB of signal loss. This configuration allows me to peak the EME signals despite the polarization.

My 2m station consits of a K3, Q5 (Demi) transverter, and an M2 1K2 amplifier.

23cm EME dish: 2.4 meters 200W. See Construction Detials.

With this very modest 23cm station, I made EME 2-way contacts to stations as small as mine. I easily work 3 meter stations and could hear the larger stations speaker copy.

New 3.08m (10′) TVRO dish. I’m now getting about 3dB more signal off the moon.

The 1296 (23cm) band offers some significant advantages over 2 meter EME. Circular polarization means there are no Faraday polarization issues. 1296 is much quieter with local noise almost gone. The short wavelength means a small dish still has adequate gain. 2.4m = 27dBi.

The feed is a W2HRO patch with a Ukraine .3dB preamp.

With then nSelf Echo Test
Sun Noise 3m dish 162 SFU